In the past the historic centre of Potenza Picena housed 27 churches; of that time, now the map of the town and some churches are still present.

Every church of Potenza Picena has art treasures and it is the ideal destination if you are searching for an itinerary of faith and spirituality.

Saint Stephen Church, The Collegiate Church

The Collegiate, Saint Stephen Church, is at the east side of the historic centre of Potenza Picena; up to 1773 this church was the church of Jesuits of Monte Santo. Its construction started in 1585 by the architect Father Giovanni De Rosis, its front is unfinished; inside you can find valuable paintings and religious objects. Very precious is the organ, manufactured by Bazzani of Venice in 1848.

A staircase goes down to the Chapel of the Peasant Congregation, below the church: the walls and the ceiling house frescoes by Benedetto Biancolini. The annexed college, whose construction began in 1585, was restructured many times and now it is the seat of Sisters of Addolorata, where ancient looms are kept.

San Girio Church

In the village of San Girio there is the omonimous shrine, one of the dearest place for Potenza Picena people. This shrine, probably built on the grave of the Saint in 1298, was reconstructed in 1560 and restructured in the first half of last century.

Inside you can admire frescoes which recall the life of the Saint and a painting of 1791 showing San Girio.

San Francesco Church

Close to the Pincio there is Saint Francis Church, built in the 13th century and rebuilt in the first half of 18th century.

Potenza Picena has a very long history that is told by numerous works that trace the contours of the city. Art and culture.