A viewpoint on the Marche

A walk in the centre of Potenza Picena should end to the Pincio. The “Belvedere Donatori di Sangue“, in the north part of the town, is considered to be one of the most striking viewpoints of the Marche.

In the near square Giacomo Leopardi you can find a reproduction of Pyramid of Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires in memory of many Potenza Picena citizens emigrated to Argentina.

A walk or a cycle riding to the small lakes park

A cycle track, which starts in the centre of Porto Potenza Picena and goes northwards, will lead you to a protected area, the Small Lakes Park.

A floristic area where, among sheets of non salted water surrounded by a luxuriant flora of thousands trees, shrubs and meadows, various aquatic birds live, both sedentary and migratory ones.

Un itinerario artistico tra tele e capitelli

Close to Matteotti square we find Auditorium Scarfiotti, which has been obtained from the complex of Saint Agostino church; here we can admire works of Pomarancio school and a painting on wood whose author is Bernardino di Mariotto (1506), showing the Virgin with Infant Jesus among the Saints.

Between the Town Hall mansion and the Auditorium Scarfiotti there are magnificent works of art.

In the Sala Giunta in Town Hall we can see the paintings Virgin with infant Jesus and the Saints Martin and Roch (1584) by Simone De Magistris, Allegory of Peace (18th century) by Corrado Giaquinto, St.Emidio (1770) by Benedetto Biancolini.

Our itinerary goes on to the conventual churches. In the Capuchins church, near the cemetery, are housed the Deposizione by Simone De Magistris (1576) and the Holy Family with Saint Giovannino by Santi di Tito (end of 16TH century). On the opposite part of the town there is the Grey-Friars church, where we find a Crucifixion by the painter Palma il Giovane, 1599, and, on the high altar, a Virgin with infant Jesus and Saints, whose author is Simone de Magistris, 1576.

At last let’s go to shopping at km 0 of local delicacies!