From the square tower to S.Anna Church


The square tower, built in 16th century, is situated near the promenade of Porto Potenza Picena; it is a real fortress made to defend the local population from the raids of pirates.

Close to it you can see S. Ann Church, of Romanesque-Gothic imitation; it keeps an interesting painting which portrays the Virgin, the infant Jesus, the saints Gioacchino and Ann.

Villa Buonaccorsi, elegance of the 16th century


If you leave Porto Potenza Picena and go to Montecanepino, you meet Villa Buonaccorsi, an elegant building of the 16th century, enlarged and restructured afterwards, between 1745 and 1750, by the architect Pietro Bernasconi, school of Luigi Vanvitelli.

In 18th and 19th centuries, the structure was enlarged with the addition of new buildings, warehouses and stables. The real jewel of this villa is its most beautiful Italian garden which is composed by five terraces, united by a central flight of steps and protected by a thick small wood. Here, among rare plants, fountains, water games, niches, obelisks depicting human beings and grotesque and mythological representations of Venetian school, you can spend a very unusual day.

In the garden there are a small puppet theatre and a small church too. In the summer evenings, in the magnificent setting of Villa Buonaccorsi interesting events take place: fashion shows, concerts and other appointments which every year attract a lot of people.

“Bruno Mugellini” theatre


The inhabitants of Potenza Picena have always been very active and fond of culture and art.

In the period 1856-1862, thanks to the initiative of a committee of local noblemen, a theatre was built by utilizing a part of the Town Hall mansion; that theatre today is dedicated to Bruno Mugellini, the great musician born in Potenza Picena. The theatre was designed by Giuseppe Brandoni: he made maximum use of the available space and he obtained a theatre with stalls, two tiers of boxes and a gallery, for a total capacity of 152 seats.

After a long restoration, today you can admire the ancient curtain of unknown painter (XVIII century), dedicated to goddess Minerva, the patron of art and science. The curtain shows a mythological scene with goddess Minerva; above in the frame there is the Savoy escutcheon as a tribute to the Unity of Italy; low you can see the escutcheon of Potenza Picena Municipality. In the center of the ceiling there is a painting of Ignazio Tirinelli.

On the roads of De Magistris along the streets of Potenza Picena


An artistic itinerary leads you to discovering the works of the painter De Magistris, in order to spend an afternoon in the enchantment of magnificent works of art.

We can start from San Lorenzo church, where the Deposizione of 1576 is housed; then we reach Saint Anthony church, where there is the Virgin, infant Jesus, the Saints Joseph, Catherine from Alexandria, Francis from Assisi and Anthony from Padua, a painting of 1576.

In the “Sala Giunta” in Town Hall, we can admire the Virgin with infant Jesus and the Saints Martin and Roch (1584). Our visit of the historic centre leads us to Bruno Mugellini theatre, then to Auditorium Scarfiotti (with the organ Fedeli of 1757) and the Municipal Photo Gallery in the ex-church of St. Catherine.

Our tour continues with the visit of San Francis Church, then to the Pincio, where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful sunset with view.

If you looking for an artistic itinerary through the streets of Potenza Picena or in the Riviera del Conero, follow our suggestions in the itinerary page.