Potenza Picena

The charm of history, the breath of the sea

Potenza Picena is situated on a hill which sweetly slopes down towards the sea of Conero Riviera, among the green and soft hills of Marche. Of roman origin, later it became an important town at the time of the Communes with the name of Monte Santo up to the Unity of Italy, when it assumed the present denomination of Potenza Picena.

The center of the town is surrounded by the walls; walking along the characteristic small streets, you can experience the atmosphere of a typical, traditional village of Marche. In addition to this, Potenza Picena is a sea town, with the coastline of Porto Potenza Picena offers a pleasant and sunny holiday to families, couples or group of friends.

Churches, mansions, villas tell you about a town rich of art and culture, a town which offers a lot of discovering itineraries. Beaches of fine sand and the crystal clear sea of Conero Riviera make Porto Potenza Picena the ideal destination for people asking for a holiday of sea and amusement.

Things to do

A holiday at Potenza Picena is sea, hill, art, culture, spirituality, good food and unique hospitality. Start to organize your holiday in Conero Riviera and discover all things to do!

The beaches

Long expanses of sand and the crystal clear sea of Conero Riviera on which the European Blue Flag, le Three Sails of Legambiente and the Green Flag are waving- are the ideal place for spending a pleasant, sunny holiday.

Art and culture

Walking along the streets of Potenza Picena you are surprised by the architectonic beauty and elegance of mansions and historical villas; the churches keep real treasures of art. Discover our itineraries!

Don’t miss the events

Check out all the great events in Potenza Picena.

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By Antonio Manta